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Signs That Your Grass Is Under or Over Watered

Did you recently update your landscaping with sod installation in Lewisville, TX? If so, then you probably want to keep your new grass beautiful and healthy. More than mowing and fertilizing, watering your lawn is the most important step that you can take to keep it lush and green. However, how much water is enough or too much? Read on to learn about the signs of an under or overwatered lawn.

Under watered Grass Over Watered

Drought and heat can take a serious toll on grass when it is not provided with enough moisture. If your lawn isn’t getting enough water, then you may see any of the following signs:

  • Weak spring back: An under watered lawn will struggle to return its blades to an upright position after being walked on.
  • Blade folding: To reduce sun exposure, St. Augustine grass blades close in half when they are under watered.
  • Crunching: In the case of severe drought stress, you will hear an audible crunching sound when your walk across your grass.

Overwatered Grass

Too much of a good thing can lead to issues for your turf grass. If it is getting excessive water, then you may notice the following symptoms:

  • Thatch: Too much moisture stops beneficial organisms from breaking down dead plant material and leads to thatch buildup.
  • Weeds: Some species of weeds thrive in over-watered lawns, such as yellow nutsedge and smooth crabgrass. The growth of these weeds can mean that your lawn is getting too much moisture.
  • Fungus: Excess moisture can promote fungal growth that may manifest as mushrooms, brown spots, or reddish-orange patches.

Proper Watering

To learn how much you should be watering your lawn, start by doing a bit of research about your turf grass. Different grass species have varying moisture requirements, so this step is crucial in providing your lawn with the amount of water that it needs. Once you know how much you should be watering your lawn, use a rain gauge to determine how much moisture it’s getting from rainfall and then supplement with the necessary amount of additional water.

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