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Removing and Preventing Crab Grass

After planting grass or installing sod, it’s important to keep your lawn maintained to help ensure its health. Have you noticed strange patches in your turf grass that grow outward from the center? If so, then you may be dealing with crabgrass, which is an opportunistic weed. Watch this video for tips on removing crabgrass from your turf grass in Lewisville, TX and keeping it from coming back.

Use a mower with a bag on it, place it at the lowest setting, and mow the area to pick up some of the crabgrass and its seeds. Then, remove the rest of the crabgrass, run a power rake over the area, and add compost and fertilizer. Finally, reseed the area, carefully rake the seeds into the soil, and water gently. To help prevent crabgrass from coming back, apply a preemergent crab grass control in the spring.

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