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Plant Zoysia Grass

landscaping sod
Fort Worth and Dallas, TX
landscaping sod

Given the resistance to insect and disease and a slow rate of growth (therefore requiring less frequent mowing) Zoysia is becoming a more popular option with area homeowners.

While not as shade tolerant as St. Augustine it will take more shade than Bermuda and is comparable to Bermuda as far as withstanding wear and tear. Here are two varieties that are available:

Emerald Zoysia

The "Cadillac" of turf, Emerald zoysia is dark green and finely textured. It grows thickly, which tends to block weeds from taking root. It is hardy in both hot and cold climates and while it enjoys the sun, Emerald tolerates the shade as well.

Zeon Zoysia

Zeon Zoysia is colored dark green and with fine blades. It is an all-around good grass that tolerates shade, traffic and heals quickly. Of all the zoysia grasses, Zorro requires the least amount of water.

Cavalier Zoysia

Similar in appearance to Tifway Bermuda grass, Cavalier does better in cold climates than Tifway does. It tolerates shade well and additionally tolerates salt. For this reason, Cavalier is well suited to locations with poor water quality. A hardy grass, Cavalier is also resistant to many bugs and illnesses.

Palisades Zoysia

The coarse-textured Palisades Zoysia is a hardy grass that tolerates a variety of climate conditions well. It can grow in the shade and in areas with high salt content and it tolerates drought very well. Another all-around grass, Palisades is an excellent choice for both golf courses and home lawns.

Empire Zoysia

EMPIRE Turf is a warm season Zoysia grass that is deep green in color and finely textured. It is resistant to disease and drought with soft blades. It does equally well in tropical and temperate climates; in fact, EMPIRE can grow in just about any location.