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Landscaping Materials

  • Sandy loam / top soil: This multi-purpose soil is good for leveling, laying new sod, and/or foundation repair around houses.
  • Cushion sand: This sand is generally used as a base for patios so they settle evenly.
  • Masonry sand: This sand can be used visibly or it can be mixed with cement for a finer finish.
  • Pea gravel: These small, smooth pebbles can be colored and mixed to create mosaic walkways and beds.
  • Cedar mulch: This lightly toned mulch last a long time before decomposing.
  • Red and black mulch: These richly colored mulches look great and are great for plants.
  • Bedding Soil: Different soil combinations favor different plants. This multi-purpose soil is good for growing garden crops and plants because it is rich in nutrients.
  • Road base: Large, rugged chunks of limestone create a defined look.
  • Decomposed granite: This soft, crumbly material comes in a variety of colors.

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