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Why Sunnyvale Residents Should Choose Saint Augustine Grass

St.Augustine Sod by Starr Turf Grass Inc.

Shade tolerance is the number one reason most homeowners in Sunnyvale, TX have chosen to go with Saint Augustine sod and grass for their lawns. Tolerance like this helps in grown in almost every yard regardless of tree coverage. While it does prefer full sun for at least four hours a day to help it grow back for many years, it can be very flexible. What also makes Saint Augustine an exceptional choice for Sunnyvale residents is the grass’ resiliency to weeds. The resistance is so strong that traditional annual pre-emergent weed treatments aren’t necessary for this species of shade grass.  

Saint Augustine grass is perfect for those raising animals which feed on grass in a pasture. The more natural carpet texture of the grass is great for all species of feet which travel across it, cows, goats, and little children. The blue-green color also helps make it very attractive for homeowners’ lawns as neighbors walk and drive through the neighborhood, Saint Augustine will allow your home and lawn to stand out against other lawns because it keeps its color even through the colder months of the year.   

Styles of St. Augustine Grass for Sunnyvale, TX Lawns  

Starr Turf Grass Inc. carries the below varieties of St. Augustine grass and sod for you to choose from for your landscaping needs. The team also encourages questions as it will allow them to help you select the best version of grass and sod for your home or commercial space. We have many locations throughout the Dallas Ft. Worth area for you to visit.

Raleigh St. Augustine: 

This dark green and medium bladed grass is the most popular St. Augustine variety, and most popular in general, of grass for Sunnyvale lawns. Admired for its strength against the cold and resistance to the Saint Augustine Decline (SAD) virus make it a common choice. Raleigh St. Augustine is also an excellent weed choker allowing owners less stress in maintenance.   

Palmetto St. Augustine: 

If you have a very shady yard and are attempting to grow new grass throughout, Palmetto St. Augustine is going to be your best option. It is the most shade-tolerant grass and has a great defense against the cold in general. The St. Augustine sod can grow in a wide variety of soil types and many different conditions. Palmetto also comes in a very traditional and vivid emerald green which helps your yard stand out against the others and makes it a stellar choice for residential and commercial lawns. 

Texas Native St. Augustine: 

Able to grow in a diverse amount of soil types and many different conditions, the Texas Native St. Augustine variety can grow wild, under trees and on ranches. Although the blades are thinner with this species than in the Raleigh, it is still very hardy and can withstand a multitude of conditions. Many residential and commercial lawns use Texas Native St. Augustine thanks to its shade resilience and great success in many different regions of our great state. 

Floratam St. Augustine: 

In 1972, the Florida and Texas Agricultural Experiment Stations discovered Floratam St. Augustine is the most drought tolerant species of St. Augustine grasses and is resistant to SAD virus and damaging chinch bug. It grows from sod into beautiful purple stocks with coarse textured and emerald colored blades. The growth of Floratam is vigorous and will cover the ground quickly and blocking any weeds from popping up in your lawn. 

Benefits of Having St. Augustine Grass in Your Lawn 

Any of the four varieties that we offer at Starr Turf Grass Inc. are great options for Sunnyvale, TX as they have been time tested and approved by a great majority of the entire Dallas Ft. Worth area that we service. Excellent for commercial and residential use a turf choice due to its incredible resistance to drought, weeds, and seasonal changes. Saint Augustine species also offer low-maintenance due to their optimal height being at most three inches tall. Moderate upkeep of Saint Augustine sod and grass helps keep you (or the kids) off the lawnmower more than other needier varietals of grass and sod.