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Best Landscaping Products in DFW

We offer a variety of materials for landscaping!

For more than 25 years, Starr Turfgrass has been providing the best landscaping products in the Dallas Fort Worth area. We are a proud member of the Better Business Bureau, the Texas Turf Grass Association, and the Turfgrass Producers of Texas. You can rest assured that our staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and capable of helping you with your landscaping problem. In addition, we also have the best prices around - consistently lower than the prices of our competitors. We provide a variety of landscaping products to transform your yard into an oasis.

Our complete lists of materials include:

  • Grass : The Dallas Forth Worth metroplex sod installation service as Starr Turfgrass is designed to renew your lawn's base component - grass. If you're unsatisfied with your current grass, it may be because of chemicals, pests, and low precipitation levels. We carry grasses that are built to resist chemicals and pests while using what little precipitation the Texas summers produce to maintain a healthy color and thickness.
  • Landscape : In addition to sod, Starr Turfgrass carries a variety of soils, mulches, sands, and gravel to fit your gardening style. For the traditional gardeners we carry robust topsoil and mulch that can make your plants grow lush. For low-maintenance landscapers, gravel and sand can provide an aesthetically appealing base for low-maintenance plants.
  • Stone: The selection of stone at Starr Turfgrass can help you create beautiful pathways, stairways, patios, walls, or water features to accent your landscape. Our helpful and knowledge staff members can help you calculate the amount of stone you'll need to complete your project.

For more information about our grass, landscape, and stone products, contact us at (972) 226-2122 today. We offer free estimates for all our materials and services!