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Bermuda Sod Laying in Sunnyvale, TX

Bermuda Grass Maintenance:

Color: Deep green

Texture: Lush and medium to fine.

Sun/Shade Tolerance: Prefers full sun to shade. It is drought-resistant.

Watering: Although drought resistant, regular watering (at least weekly) to maintain the grass’s deep green color.

Mowing Height: Initial mowing required. After the risk of freezing passes, the lawn greens, can be mowed weekly. Keep the mowing height to 1-2 inches.


Styles of Bermuda Grass for Sunnyvale, TX Lawns

While all belonging to the Bermuda family these three different varieties of grass are consistently stronger and more durable in colder weather than others. Choosing Bermuda sod when replanting your Sunnyvale, TX lawn is an excellent choice for yards that experience high traffic and owners who don’t want to perform much maintenance. Starr Turf Grass & Stone carries all three varieties and our team of experts is more than happy to answer any questions you may have when searching for the perfect lawn.  

419 Tifway Bermuda Grass:

Deep green in color, paired with a fine texture, makes this Bermuda variety the best choice for fairways, tees, athletic fields, and home lawns that see a lot of movement. 419 Tifway Bermuda’s very dense top growth help it tolerate drought seasons better than most options of grass. It also helps make it more resistant to weed growth and invasion.  

Celebration Bermuda:

Sporting a visually appealing dark blue, green color, this Bermuda variety is highly resistant to drought in the hot summer months of Sunnydale. Celebration also is grand because it requires less maintenance such as weekly mowing. It is also commonly known as thick grass with a high resiliency to high traffic zones because of its strength. It is also one of the more shade-tolerant grasses, which helps it grow in more places. The low natural height of Celebration Bermuda grass means you also have to mow less often.   

Common Bermuda:

This warm-season perennial species of Bermuda grass has a fine texture and is excellent for areas which primarily get a natural watering from the rain. Places like street medians and shoulders, neighborhood entrances, and commercial landscaping are perfect areas to plant this variety. Common Bermuda grows rapidly in late spring and summer and will then remain green throughout all of the fall seasons. After the year’s first hard frost it will go dormant for the rest of the season. 

Benefits of Having Any Variety of Bermuda Grass in Your Lawn

Choosing Bermuda grass for your lawn is a brilliant choice due to its exceptional tolerance to drought, wear and tear, and diseases. These threatening diseases include decline, brown patches, and grey leaf spots. They can ruin your lawnWhat you should be watching out for in your lawn are pesky bugs such as web and armyworms. Chinch bugs are no problem though, as the selected Bermuda grass is excellent at defending itself from these little pests. Contact Starr Turf Grass & Stone today for a variety of grasses and landscape products.


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