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St. Augustine Grass

Dallas and Fort Worth, TX

St. Augustine is the most popular choice for one major reason: shade tolerance. If you have or will have shade, this is the best option for your home. While shade tolerant, St. Augustine still prefers full sun and needs at least four hours of unfiltered sunshine per day to come back year after year. When healthy, St. Augustine is also a weed-resistant grass and generally does not require the annual use of preemergent weed treatments. The two most readily available varieties are as follows:

Raleigh Grass

Raleigh St. Augustine is a fine-textured, wide bladed variety of St. Augustine grass. It tolerates the shade and is a dense grass. Colored a medium green, Raleigh St. Augustine is best suited for thicker clay loams. Raleigh sod is immune to the SAD virus and is not affected by the cold weather.

Palmetto Grass

Palmetto® St. Augustine is a strong grass that will grow in various climates and soils. Its color is a vivid green and unlike other St. Augustine grasses, Palmetto® has a more refined texture with a wide blade. It is a fine candidate for both home and commercial use.

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