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Landscaping Products & Services in DFW

Soil, Mulch, and Gravel in DFW

landscaping in MesquiteAt Starr Turfgrass, we offer more than just Dallas Forth Worth metroplex sod installation. We also offer landscaping products and services. A great garden starts with a great foundation. That's why we offer a variety of soils, mulches, sands, and gravels to fit any landscaping need.

Our selection of landscaping materials includes:

  • Sandy loam / top soil: This multi-purpose soil is good for leveling, laying new sod, and/or foundation repair around houses.
  • Cushion sand: This sand is generally used as a base for patios so they settle evenly.
  • Masonry sand: This sand can be used visibly or it can be mixed with cement for a finer finish.
  • Pea gravel: These small, smooth pebbles can be colored and mixed to create mosaic walkways and beds.
  • Cedar mulch: This lightly toned mulch last a long time before decomposing.
  • Red and black mulch: These richly colored mulches look great and are great for plants.
  • Bedding Soil: Different soil combinations favor different plants. This multi-purpose soil is good for growing garden crops and plants because it is rich in nutrients.
  • Road base: Large, rugged chunks of limestone create a defined look.
  • Decomposed granite: This soft, crumbly material comes in a variety of colors.

Learn more information about our landscaping options, by calling Starr Turfgrass at (972) 226-2122.