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A beautiful lawn is an essential addition to any home. If your current grass is not as green and lush as you would like, it may be time to schedule a grass sod installation. With brand new sod in your yard, you will enhance the curb appeal and overall good looks of your home. For example, new St. Augustine sod will provide your home with a healthy and soft lawn. A company specializing in grass in Mesquite can assist you throughout the sod installation process. With the help of a team of experts, you will restore your lawn to beautiful, healthy condition. Here is a quick overview of the process of laying sod.

Preparing the Soil

The first step of laying sod is to prepare your yard’s soil. When your technician comes to your home, he will begin by using a rototiller to loosen up the first several inches of the soil. Next, he may add additional types of soil or nutrients that will encourage the sod to grow. By preparing the soil before the installation, your technician will ensure that your grass is able to grow up healthy and green.

Create a Level Surface

In order to ensure that your lawn is smooth and inviting, your technician will next need to create a level surface in the soil. The surface of your yard can be leveled out with a metal rake. If there are holes or low areas in the soil, they can be filled in with additional materials. Once the soil is flat, the sod can be placed down.

Lay the Sod in Rows

The final step of laying sod is to install each piece in even rows. Sod comes in evenly shaped pieces, which will fit together much like a carpet. Your technician will lay out the sod row by row. After the installation is complete, you will be amazed at your beautiful new green lawn.