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When it comes to lawn care, many homeowners wrongly assume that they don’t need to pay attention to their grass once the weather cools. No matter what type of grass you have in the DFW area, maintaining it through the winter can help ensure a green and healthy yard once spring arrives. Continue reading for some helpful winter lawn care tips.

Fertilize Before It Freezes

Most people in the U.S. have cool season grasses like bluegrass or Bermuda, and late fall through early winter is the best time to fertilize these species. Prior to the season’s first freeze, provide your lawn with fertilizer to replenish the soil after the heat of summer. As the temperatures drop, the nutrients will stay in the dirt and feed your lawn through the winter. Taking this step will promote a lush, green lawn once the weather warms up again.


Clean Up Your Yard

One of the most common mistakes that homeowners make when it comes to winter lawn care is assuming that they no longer need to keep their grass free of debris. Often, toys, equipment, lawn furniture, and fallen branches are left sitting on the lawn, especially once the weather gets frigid and people stop spending time outdoors. Following your final mowing of the season, scan your yard for any objects and remove them. Also, give your yard another check for debris every couple of weeks throughout the winter. If items are left on the grass during snowfall or cold weather, this can cause your spring lawn to have dead spots and stunted areas.

Protect Your Turf Grass

Finally, it’s common for people to think that they no longer need to consider how much traffic their lawn gets once it turns brown. While grass is resilient, it’s still important to avoid giving areas of your yard excessive wear during the winter. To help ensure that you have a beautiful lawn in spring, keep your property’s walkways clear of ice and snow to help encourage people to use them, and switch up the route that you take across your lawn each day.