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Picking the right soils and mulch for your lawn in Sunnyvale is essential for a successful landscaping experience. Sandy loam and topsoil is ideal for leveling and for laying down new sod, and can also be used for foundation repair around houses. Bedding soil is high in nutrients, making it ideal for garden crops, and the type of bedding soil you will need depends on the plants you intend to grow.

Mulch is a valuable tool for gardeners because it improves moisture retention, maintains soil temperatures, reduces weed growth, and can improve the look of your landscaping. Most of the mulch you will find available will be made from either cedar, pine, hemlock, or bark. Cedar mulch has a lovely scent that it can retain for a decent amount of time that has the added benefit of repelling insects from your lawn. Typically made from brush and logs, bark mulches break down quickly and add nutrients to the soil, and can often be found in a variety of colors.