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For your turf grass in Sunnyvale, TX to thrive, it needs the right combination of sunlight, water, and nutrients. When weeds can grow in your lawn, they compete with the grass for food and moisture and can compromise the health and appearance of your lawn. For this reason, keeping up with good weed control after sod installation is a must for maintaining an attractive and flourishing lawn of turf grass.

Investing some time and effort in weed control is the same as investing in the long-term health of your lawn. By preventing weed infestations from developing or tackling them early, you can help ensure that your turf grass gets what it needs to remain vibrant and lush. When you need to apply a weed killer to your yard, plan around lawn mowing, rain, and watering, as these can impact the weed killer’s effectiveness. Water your lawn lightly before application and stay off the grass for about a day.