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Once the weather begins to cool, it’s not uncommon for homeowners to shrug off any additional lawn care until spring. However, despite the drop in temperature, it is crucial to continue to care for your grass in Sunnyvale through the fall, and this includes watering.

During the fall, water your lawn twice per week and set your sprinklers or irrigation to start at 4 am and provide 20 minutes of watering for each zone. If you water your lawn by hand, try to take care of this chore as early as possible.

Lawns continue to need moisture until the temperature drops significantly, but how much yours will need depends greatly on your location. If your area usually has snow through the winter, then you can stop watering in late September or early October. In warmer areas, continue to water your turf, ensuring it gets about 1 inch of water per week. Following these steps, you can help keep your landscaping healthy through the colder months.