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When you don’t have enough time in your schedule or energy left after a long day at work, it can be difficult to maintain your lawn. However, you still want to cultivate a beautiful lawn that you and your neighborhood can be proud of, which is where low maintenance grass comes in. Low maintenance landscaping option , to make your life easier. We are experienced professionals who can provide you with the tools you need to enjoy your lawn to the fullest.

Maintenance Factors to Consider

  • Fertilizing Your Lawn – Just like any other type of grass, your new sod needs sustenance.  Start off with a standard starter fertilizer and follow the instructions on the package; then fertilize your lawn every month and a half throughout the growing season. Make sure the type of fertilizer is for the correct time of year.
  • Watering Your Sod –  Watering your new sod is crucial during the establishing period. Water your sod generously during the first day, and then a few times a day for the following weeks. If this feels time consuming, don’t worry; you will eventually move to once a day and gradually decrease your watering in due time.
  • Mowing Your New Grass – Once your sod has had some time to establish, you can start mowing it. When mowing, make sure that you leave most of the height and only cut about a third off of the top. The frequency of your lawn mowing will depend on how quickly it grows, and how you want your lawn to look.

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