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Having a beautiful yard is not solely dependent on choosing the right plants. Utilizing natural stones is a great way to add interest to your garden. These hardscaping elements can be used to separate areas of the yard, create focal points, and more. In areas where water is scarce, a well-designed hardscape is a great alternative to a large lawn with grass or a heavily planted yard. Whether you decide to add a flagstone path or to scatter big boulders across your front yard, you will find that natural stone can enhance the look of your landscaping in Mesquite.

There are several natural stones to choose from. Flagstones are beautiful, flat stones that are usually found in slabs. In the garden, they are particularly striking when used in walkway construction. River rocks have a smooth, rounded surface and can also be used as a walkway material; furthermore, they are perfect stones for rock gardens, French drains, and faux riverbeds. Large boulders offer an imposing presence and evoke feelings of being in nature. You can use them as centerpieces or as accents for your hardscape design.