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How to Improve your Home Exteriors?

You might want to increase your home’s value so you can sell it and move to a new place, or you might simply want to enjoy your house a little bit more and make it more valuable to you and your family. Either way, there are countless improvements you can make to your home’s exterior. Sod installation in Sunnyvale, TX and the DFW area is a great start, but you have to remember to maintain your lawn to keep enjoying the bump in value. Add some creative landscaping on top, and your home might be the highlight of the block. Read ahead and think about making these exterior improvements to increase your home’s value.


Sod Installation

Laying sod is a great choice if you want to revamp the exterior of your home but you don’t want to wait on the results. Sod will take a few weeks to establish its roots and start to grow like regular grass, but it can make a difference for your lawn as soon as it’s put down. Remember to prepare the area before the sod is delivered so you can lay it down quickly, and avoid working in the rain. Mow your sod after a couple of weeks, but try not to walk over it before then.


Lawn Maintenance

A successful sod installation can completely transform your lawn in no time, but you’re responsible for maintaining it if you want it to keep its beautiful lush look. Mow the lawn when it gets to be more than three and a half inches tall or so. No matter how green your lawn is, it won’t look as good if it’s overgrown. Take care of any weeds that pop up, and make sure your sod gets enough water even after it has established its roots.


Creative Landscaping

If you’re happy with your sod installation and your lawn growth but you think you could add a little more, get creative with your landscaping. Plant a tree or some shrubs, and light them up so you can show them off at night.