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Learning Sod Mowing in the DFW area

If you want a lush lawn and you want it as soon as possible, you might want to consider a sod installation in Sunnyvale, TX or the DFW area. However, you need to take the proper steps when laying sod to make sure you get the lawn that you’re looking for. This means knowing how to lay it down, how often you need to water it, and how long you should wait before you mow it. When you nail the sod installation process, you start off on the right foot and set yourself up for success. Keep reading if you’re wondering how soon you can mow your new sod.


For the first few weeks after laying sod, your focus should be on keeping it moist enough. The moisture helps the roots from the sod establish themselves. You should try to avoid walking on the lawn for the first few weeks, so you don’t leave footprints in your sod. After keeping your sod moist for the first two weeks, dry it out so you can give it its first mowing. It’s important that the sod has been dried out before mowing because it makes the soil firm enough to walk on.