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How to prepare yourself for Sod Laying

The great thing about laying sod in Sunnyvale and Dallas-Fort Worth, TX is that it can transform your yard in just a day’s time. To get the best results, you should know how to get ready for the sod installation. Watch this video on how the pros prepare to lay sod.

You have to start preparing well before you actually start laying sod. Prep the area by removing roots, rocks, and anything else that keeps the ground from being smooth and flat, and consider adding a layer of topsoil. Make sure this is done by the time the sod shows up. Lay the pieces of sod right up against each other in a staggered fashion so there are no visible lines across your lawn. Once it’s all laid out, make any cuts you need to make to fit your landscape. Water your sod daily for a few weeks so the roots can establish.