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If you examine most yards in the area, you will find a lot of sandy loam near Sunnyvale. This type of soil is very common in this area of Texas, and it means that your lawn will need some special landscaping care if you want grass to thrive. Even the hardiest types of warm-weather grass, such as Bermuda grass, need frequent watering when planted in sandy loam soil.

The quality of your soil can range from coarse to very fine. As the name suggests, more than half the volume of sandy loam soil is sand, with a lower percentage of clay and silt than other soil types. This means that sandy loam will not hold water for very long, and in order to keep your grass and other plants healthy, you may need to add extra nutrients using commercial fertilizer. A good layer of cedar mulch can help keep the roots of trees and bushes moist when they are planted in sandy loam soil, and you can’t skip watering if you want a bright, vibrant lawn during the summer. For more advice on working with sandy loam, contact a professional landscaping company.