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To promote the growth of grass and other plants in your yard, you should be mindful of the types of mulch and soil that you use. Starr Turf Grass Inc. specializes in landscaping near Sunnyvale and can tell you about the best types of mulch and soil for your specific property.

We will help you choose mulch or soil based on your needs. If you are laying new sod or doing leveling, sandy loam would be best for you. If you are planting bushes in the front of your home and want to make sure they receive all the right nutrients, we would suggest red and black mulch to get the job done. We know almost everything there is to know about mulch and soil and can point you in the right direction, regardless of what kind of grass or plants you want to grow. We can also suggest things like pea gravel and decomposed granite as decorative features. When you trust Starr Turf Grass Inc. for your landscaping needs, we will assist you every step of the way and make your landscaping look great.