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You may think that all grass in Sunnyvale is just that—grass. However, there are actually many different types of grass, and each type comes with its own advantages and drawbacks. Different types of grass may range in the vibrancy of their color, the texture of their blades, and the rate at which they grow. Bermuda, Zoysia, and St. Augustine grass are just a few of the types that thrive during the warmer months of the year. Keep reading if you are interested in comparing warm-season grass types.

Cynodon dactylon, or Bermuda grass, can often be found at golf courses in warm climates. Although it grows quickly, it does not grow very tall, and golfers enjoy the fine texture that it offers. Bermuda grass may survive through significant wear and tear, and it can even live through droughts. It is important to note, however, that this type of grass requires a substantial amount of maintenance. While it can survive through them, droughts will cause Bermuda grass to lose its vibrant green color. If you are considering planting Bermuda grass, be prepared to take the appropriate measures to protect your grass from various types of pest and fungi infestations. For optimal results, cut this grass with a reel mower.

A warm-season grass type that can also survive throughout the colder months of the year, Zoysia grass grows slowly but densely. Zoysia japonica offers a fine texture that can hold up through both traffic and close mowing. Keep your Zoysia grass watered if you want to continue to enjoy its color. This Japanese lawn grass has a moderate tolerance for shade, but it is vulnerable to a variety of pests. It is wise to plant Zoysia grass with plugs, sod, or sprigs.

St. Augustine
St. Augustine grass is among the most popular types of grass planted in tropical lawns. Like Zoysia grass, St. Augustine can be planted with sprigs, sod, or plugs. It uses stolons to spread itself into the dense turf that it is known for. This type of grass is also vulnerable to infestation by pests like crickets and fungus.