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If your yard is sunny and you’re looking for the perfect grass species, consider covering your lawn with Bermuda in Mesquite. This type of grass, like St. Augustine and Zoysia, thrives in warm weather conditions. With proper grass sod installation, your lawn can be green and lush nearly year-round.

The turf coverage created by Bermuda grass is a deep, true green, though some special varieties such as Celebration Bermuda can have a more bluish tinge. The texture is usually medium, but it can be very fine. Unlike some other types of grass, Bermuda does require strong sunlight, so you shouldn’t plant it in shady areas of your lawn. However, it is very drought-resistant, so even at the height of summer, a lawn covered in Bermuda grass needs only one or two waterings per week to stay healthy and vibrant. You can plant Bermuda grass in areas that get a lot of foot traffic, since it will regrow quickly even if many people walk and run on it.