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If you recently finished installing sod in Sunnyvale, TX, then there are a few things that you should know about helping your new turf grass get established, including the nature of initial shallow rooting.

When sod is first installed, the roots that it sends into the soil are typically quite shallow. While the initial shallow rooting that takes place is better than no rooting, as this growth helps ensure that moisture and nutrients can be absorbed by the sod, it’s important to realize that this level of rooting is just the first step in getting your new turf grass off to a good start. To help prepare your sod for cold weather and the spring and summer beyond, it’s ideal to encourage deep rooting. When the grass roots grow deep into the soil, the sod will be in a better position to withstand harsh weather and dry conditions. To promote initial shallow rooting, use a lawn roller after installing sod. Then, to encourage deep rooting, water your sod deeply and less frequently after it becomes established in your yard.