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If you recently completed sod installation near Sunnyvale, TX, then congratulations on making this landscaping upgrade! With your new turf grass in place, you may be wondering what you can do to help ensure that it thrives and establishes itself quickly. If so, then you can benefit from knowing what you can do to promote rapid rooting for your sod.


Giving your lawn sufficient water in the weeks following installation is essential if you want to encourage its health and root growth. In addition to this, you can support rapid rooting after laying sod by pressing it down with a lawn roller. While it’s important to limit foot traffic on your lawn to minimize stress on your new turf grass, pressing the sod down immediately after installation can give the roots better contact with your soil and reduce air pockets that would otherwise cause the roots to dry out. Finally, feeding your lawn with a slow-release fertilizer once your sod becomes established can accelerate the root system’s growth.