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Beautiful Backyard for your kids in Dallas-Fort Worth

With a little bit of planning, low-maintenance landscaping, and the right turfgrass in Dallas-Fort Worth and Sunnyvale, TX, it’s easy to turn your backyard into an oasis that your whole family will enjoy. If you have young children, consider the following tips for ensuring they will love your backyard:


Maintain a Lush Lawn

A lawn is the backbone of a kid-friendly backyard—it provides a soft, comfortable area for all kinds of games. Whether your children like to pretend they are dinosaurs or want to play a game of touch football, a soft, healthy lawn will make the perfect play area. Installing sod is a great option if you don’t currently have grass, your existing lawn is unhealthy, or you want to switch to a low-water lawn. There are many types of grass to choose from, so consider consulting a sod installer in your area to discuss the best options for your yard.


Use Kid-Friendly Landscaping

Your landscaping should be safe and inviting for your children. Large shade trees are great for backyards, though you should be sure to remove any branches that die, as these can cause injury if they suddenly break off. Consider planting flowers that bloom in your kids’ favorite colors or even giving them their own garden areas. If you have very young children, avoid choosing toxic plants for your landscaping, as these can easily end up in curious toddlers’ mouths.


Add Fun Elements for Play

Consider including a few fun elements in your backyard that your kids are sure to love. Trampolines, sandboxes, and play structures are all good options. If you want to add something that you can easily pack up when it’s not in use, lawn games such as croquet, corn hole, or bocce ball are great choices. If you want to keep your kids cool during the summertime, you may want to add a water slide, sprinkler, or inflatable pool to your backyard plans.