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Masonry Sand in Dallas-Fort Worth

When you need sand to complete a masonry project in your backyard, will just any sand do? The answer to that question is a wholehearted no. Masonry sand has specific features that make it an ideal choice for hardscaping projects. After you’ve made your backyard beautiful with sod installation and low-maintenance landscaping in Dallas-Fort Worth and Sunnyvale, be sure to complete your hardscaping projects correctly by using the appropriate building materials.

Masonry sand is composed of rocks such as granite and limestone. While it may be similar in composition to other types of sand, masonry sand typically has a finer texture than other options. Because masonry sand is composed of finer grains, it provides a smooth finish for masonry projects. If you are unsure about what kind of sand you need for your backyard design, ask your sod installer for recommendations—they may even be able to supply you with the sand and other materials you need to complete your project.