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While having a lawn filled with lush turf grass is beautiful, including other landscaping elements can make your property more unique and attractive. Are you looking for ways to add beauty and interest to your landscape design? If so, then read on to get some ideas for incorporating river rocks and moss into your landscaping near Sunnyvale.

Add a River Bed

If you love the look of water elements but have concerns about the upkeep involved, then a dry river bed can be an optimal choice for you. These landscaping elements are typically made using river rocks that line and border a shallow ditch through a yard. To make the river bed blend into the rest of your landscaping, incorporate moss, foliage, and tall grasses. If you would like your riverbed to look like an active stream now at times, then build it beneath your downspout so that any rain runoff from your roof is carried away from your house by the riverbed.

Build a Rock Garden

If you want to create areas of interest and natural beauty in your yard, then adding a rock garden using landscaping rocks is an excellent way to achieve this. To create a rock garden, use river rocks and boulders and install them in a way that appears natural and like what you might see along a river bed or at the bottom of a slope. Once the rocks are in place, add flowers, greenery, and moss to create a stunning landscape element.

Border a Walkway

Do you already have paths running through your lawn that are made from flagstone, stone tile, or other natural elements? If so, then consider bordering it with river rocks, which are easy to install and excellent for this purpose. Partially embed the rocks along the walkway, either in a straight line or using more rocks to create a wide and less even border. Then, add moss to the river rocks to provide a more natural and established appearance.