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Many people choose to buy sod in Sunnyvale, TX because they want to enjoy low-maintenance lawn care, a low-water lawn, or wish to give their spring landscaping a head start. While installing sod is an easy way to gain a beautiful yard in a short span of time, there are a few lawn care steps that you should take to help ensure that your new sod has a great start.

First, prepare the soil by raking the area and removing any pebbles and rocks that you come by. Next, ensure that the yard is level and add more soil in any low spots. Then, determine if the soil is low in any nutrients that your new grass will need, and amend it as needed. Finally, speak with your sod supplier and learn if fertilizing the soil with a starter blend would be beneficial.

Once the sod is installed, keep it consistently moist until it starts growing at about 1 inch per week and the roots are established. Also, minimize the amount of foot traffic on your new sod for a few days. Finally, wait at least a few weeks to mow your new lawn.