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Grass is a long-time favorite for home landscaping, and with good reason. If you are thinking about enhancing your yard with new grass in Sunnyvale, then there are several advantages of which you should be aware. Grass can benefit your property in the following ways:

Better Curb Appeal

When driving through your neighborhood, you may notice how the homes surrounded by lush, green lawns stand out from the others. When your landscaping looks attractive and healthy, this can boost your home’s value and make your property more appealing to the eye. Many people appreciate the look of a healthy lawn, so planting fresh grass is one of the best ways to enhance your yard.

Improved Erosion Control

Erosion is a problem that many homeowners need to consider, and planting grass is one of the best ways to manage this common issue because it looks attractive and is also inexpensive and easy to grow. As your lawn extends its roots down into the soil and shoots blades upward, this growth causes water to percolate downward rather than drain outward, helping to prevent soil erosion on your property.

Greater Outdoor Comfort

Once summer hits, many families begin spending more time outdoors and in their yards. While warm weather can make it more enjoyable to be outside, it can have the opposite effect when it gets a too hot. Because grass stays cooler underfoot and retains less heat than other landscaping options, planting a lawn can help you stay more comfortable while in your yard.

Enhanced Play Area Quality

If you have children or hope to expand your family, then switching to grass landscaping can offer you many advantages. A soft lawn makes a great play space for kids and when you have a comfortable yard of grass, your children might be inclined to spend more time playing outdoors than indoors. Additionally, due to its cushioning nature, grass can be much safer for children to play on compared to dirt, gravel, or pavement.