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Tips to Install Flagstone Patio in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

Today, many homeowners are adding stone products to their outdoor spaces to enjoy improved function and reduced yard maintenance. Of the hardscaping materials available, flagstone is particularly popular due to its versatility and natural elegance. If you’re in the process of updating your landscaping in the DFW area and want to install a flagstone patio, then refer to this guide:

Remove the Old

While wearing safety goggles, use a sledgehammer to remove your old patio. If you plan to install a patio where there wasn’t one previously, then choose as flat a location as possible. Starting off with a level surface will make it easier to ensure that the finished product is level.

Measure the Area

Before you take any further steps, it’s important to outline where you plan to install the flagstone patio. To do this, measure out the patio’s length and use stakes and string to mark off the area. Then, ensure that you have a perfect rectangle by measuring the 2 diagonals, which should be equal.

Excavate for Drainage

Your new patio should have space for a foundation and drainage layer beneath it. As you excavate, keep in mind that the flagstone should be level with the ground around it, so add the stone’s thickness to the amount of drainage that you want to achieve.

Add the Base

Next, fill in the excavated area with gravel or crushed limestone, tamping down your work and creating a foundation about 4 inches deep. Then, cover this with about 2 inches of sand. Finally, install edging around the patio’s perimeter.

Add the Flagstone

Now, lay your pavers over the sand and tap them gently with a mallet. If you’re planning to grow ground cover among the flagstone, then leave sufficient gaps between the pavers.

Fill with Sand

The last step in this process is to fill in the spaces between the stones with polymer or builder’s sand. After filling in the gaps between the pavers, sweep away the excess sand and enjoy your new patio.