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Know your Lawn’s Health in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

Did you recently take advantage of sod installation in Dallas-Fort Worth & Sunnyvale, TX, or want to ensure that your lawn is in a healthy state as summer nears? If so, then being able to recognize the signs of underwatered turf grass is essential. After laying sod, ensuring that it gets enough water can be critical for its healthy root growth. For established lawns, too little water can affect their appearance and integrity.

First, factor in your soil type, turf grass type, local climate, and levels of shade and sun in your yard when determining your lawn’s watering needs. Then, watch for the signs of an underwatered lawn, which include wilted leaf blades, dull blade color, and visible footprints after you walk across it. Finally, keep in mind that it’s possible to overwater your lawn, as well. If your grass is getting too much water, then it may form puddles, squish underfoot, appear wilted, or suffer from a fungal disease.