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A beautiful lawn of healthy grass can do a lot to improve your home’s curb appeal. If you’re thinking of growing new grass in Sunnyvale, then use these tips to help get it to grow:

Prepare your soil.

Your soil plays a vital part in the success of your lawn. For grass to grow well, the soil it’s planted in should be loose, have plenty of organic matter, and drain easily while still holding enough moisture. Soil preparation will give your new grass the foundation that it needs to get a good start, develop a healthy root system, and do well throughout the season. To loosen the soil, consider having it aerated or use a rototiller to break it up. Then, test the soil to determine if it lacks any vital nutrients, and amend it as needed. You may need to add specific fertilizers to enrich the soil enough for your new grass to flourish.

Water your grass.

When grass is doing poorly, the problem is often related to how it’s being watered. Young grass seedlings that do not get a sufficient amount of water can become stunted or even die, so knowing how much water your lawn needs is crucial. The amount of water that your grass needs can be dependent on the species that you are growing, so it’s important to learn about your grass’s specific needs. If you rely on rainfall to water your lawn, use a rain gauge to determine how much precipitation your yard is getting, so you can supplement with irrigation as needed.

Maintain your lawn.

When your lawn is still young, it requires some special care. Hold off on the first mowing until your grass reaches at least 3.5 inches. Once your lawn is tall enough for its first mowing, use a sharp mower blade and adjust its height to take no more than an inch off of the blades. Finally, hold off on using any fungicides or weed killers on your new grass until it is at least 4 months old.