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There are many grass types that will thrive in the Sunnyvale area. However, not all grasses in Sunnyvale are created equally. When shopping for grass seed or sod, be sure to ask questions to find out which type is best for your yard’s unique situation.

Consider Zoysia grass if you are looking for grass that is easy to manage, long-lasting, and worth your investment. Zoysia is a valuable option because it has a slow growth rate and is resistant to most pests and diseases. Additionally, it is more durable and tolerates more shade than Bermuda grass. Zoysia is a great option for those who can afford little maintenance in their yard. The hardy grass grows lush and slowly, saving you the time and resources for mowing the lawn every week. You can further customize your choice by considering the different textures and colors that the varieties of Zoysia grass offer. Keep in mind that even the various types of Zoysia grass require differing conditions. So again, be sure to ask the lawn care employees questions so you can make the best choice.