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Facts about Zoysia Grass in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

Laying sod offers people a great way to get their new lawn off to a quick start. If you’re thinking about giving your landscaping a facelift with sod installation in the DFW area, then you may be wondering which grass is right for your yard. If so, then continue reading to learn about the different types of a popular turf grass variety called Zoysia grass.

Zorro Zoysia

Boasting a dark green color and fine blades, Zorro Zoysia is a well-liked grass variety that heals quickly and is tolerant of traffic and shade. Additionally, Zorro requires the least amount of moisture out of all the Zoysia varieties, making it an ideal choice for homeowners who are looking to reduce their landscaping’s water needs.

Palisades Zoysia

A hardy grass with a coarse texture, Palisades Zoysia tolerates a broad range of climates, making it a great choice for many areas. Palisades can grow well in soil that has a high salt content, can grow despite shade, and is incredibly drought tolerant. This all-around good grass is often used for sod installation on home lawns and golf courses.

Emerald Zoysia

Considered by many to be the Cadillac of turf grass, Emerald Zoysia has fine blades in a dark green color. This grass grows thick and dense, meaning that it does well in preventing weed growth. Emerald Zoysia is hardy in cold and hot climates, and although it loves sun, it is tolerant of shade.

Cavalier Zoysia

With a look that mimics Tifway Bermuda grass, Cavalier Zoysia does better in cold climates. This grass variety is also tolerant of salt and shade, making Cavalier a good choice for locations with reduced water quality. Additionally, Cavalier Zoysia can resist many illnesses and insects.

Empire Zoysia

A warm season grass that boasts a fine texture and rich green color, Empire Zoysia has soft blades and resists drought and disease. This grass does well in both temperate and tropical areas and is known for thriving in just about any location.