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Encourage a Beautiful Spring Lawn

If you’re like many people, then you chose to buy sod in DFW and Sunnyvale, TX because you wanted a lush, beautiful lawn in a short amount of time. With the arrival of warmer weather, you may be looking forward to enjoying a yard of green grass again. To help your turf get off on the right foot this spring, consider the following lawn care tips:

Aerate the Soil

For your lawn to be healthy, it’s important for its roots to receive enough water, oxygen, and nutrients. Because it can prevent this from happening, compacted soil makes it difficult for grass to remain healthy. To prepare your lawn for spring, rent a soil aerator or hire a lawn care company to aerate your yard. This step can help break up soil that’s become compacted over the past year.

Mow the Grass

While it may seem counterintuitive, moving what remains of your lawn before the growing season is underway can be important for its health. Cutting the old grass low can help remove excess thatch so that water, nutrients, and oxygen have better access to the soil. This step can be skipped for most cool-season types of grass, however. Cut the grass down to about 1-inch for this first mowing after winter and be sure to use a mower with sharp blades.

Prevent Weed Growth

You’re probably excited about your lawn coming back to life with the arrival of spring, but keep in mind that you are likely to see weeds popping up soon, as well. To stop weeds in their tracks by preventing them from germinating in spring, apply a pre-emergence weed treatment in late winter.

Refresh Your Landscaping

While taking steps to ensure the healthy grass is important for promoting a beautiful lawn, giving some attention to the rest of your landscaping is also a good idea. By removing dead growth, planting new annuals, and cleaning your hardscaping surfaces, you can enhance the look of your lawn and improve your home’s curb appeal for spring.