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Have an idea for updating your home or commercial landscaping? Starting with the right materials can ensure the integrity, health, and longevity of your landscaping and hardscaping for years to come. Hiring professionals for your landscaping in Sunnyvale with skills to bring your ideas to life will give you quality workmanship to ensure that your landscaping materials are used and installed correctly.

Most landscaping projects call for a variety of sod or grass, and hardscaping. Popular varieties of sod like Bermuda, St. Augustine, and Zoysia vary in color and texture, so work with your landscaper to choose the one that works for your home or business. Having your sod professionally installed ensures healthy, consistent growth as well as instant results.

The hardscaping you choose will vary on the kinds of features you’d like to incorporate into your landscaping. If you’d like to incorporate tree rings or flower beds, cedar mulch is an affordable, organic filler material that is also naturally pest-resistant. For walkways and patios, consider flagstone and pea gravel together. Adding moss and landscaping rocks can further enhance the classic aesthetic of well-maintained landscaping.