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Sod lawn installation is one of the most common methods for installing grass in Sunnyvale-area yards. But what makes it such an excellent solution for your home or commercial landscaping project? Here are four reasons to choose sod for your next lawn installation.

An Instant Lawn
One of the best reasons to install a sod lawn is that it results in a beautiful green lawn instantly. Your home or commercial landscaping can go from plain dirt to a lush Bermuda, St. Augustine, or Zoysia lawn in the short time it takes to lay the sod. This means you’ll spend less time watching your grass grow, and more time sitting back and enjoying your new lawn.

No Patchy Areas
If you’re looking for a lawn that is green and thick throughout, sod installation is an ideal option. Sod is grown to be consistent and uniform in thickness and color, so you know that every inch of your lawn will look cohesive and healthy at the end of the installation process.

Healthier, Heartier Lawns
Growing a lawn from seeds exposes your growing grass to a wide variety of environmental factors, such as inclement weather, pests, disease, and competition from weeds. But because sod is professionally cultivated and installed by knowledgeable professionals in a controlled environment, the resulting grass is healthier and stronger. This means that you’ll get a healthier lawn without the need for constant reseeding prior to full grass maturation.

High-Quality Soil
No two lawns are perfectly identical in soil and nutrient composition, even within the same Sunnyvale neighborhood. This means that the health of grass seeds grown in preexisting soil can’t be guaranteed. But because sod comes with a mature network of roots grown in high-quality and nutrient-rich soil, you can be confident that your lawn will have a strong and healthy start. This also makes sod installation a more versatile landscaping solution than seeding a lawn from scratch—you don’t have to be held back by the quality of your current topsoil.