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Native to Africa, Bermuda grass is a popular type of grass that is grown on residential lawns, fairways, and sports fields. This type of grass is a commonly grown turf grass, and it’s not uncommon to see yards featuring Bermuda grass in Sunnyvale. If you are looking for the best type of grass for your yard, read on to learn about the benefits of Bermuda grass.

Easy to Grow

Because of its extensive root system, Bermuda grass is able to thrive in extreme climate conditions. For this reason, it is a popular choice for Southern areas of the country that have hot weather and low moisture. With rainfall, Bermuda grass grows and spreads quickly, making it a grass choice that is simple to grow and maintain, and it is easy to grow from seed, especially during warm weather. If your experience with growing grass has been less than optimal, this grass type could be a great choice for your lawn because it grows quickly and is difficult to kill.

Drought Tolerant

Bermuda grass is considered an ideal grass for areas that are hot, dry, and feature adverse climate conditions. The blades turn a brownish hue during dry spells, but they are quick to recover with the arrival of rainfall. Additionally, if your yard gets lots of sunlight, then Bermuda grass could be the right choice for your lawn.


Bermuda grass is tough, which explains its use in athletic fields, parks, and utility areas. For households with children and pets, this type of grass is an excellent option. Bermuda grass can do well despite high levels of traffic, and can stand up to the abuse posed by lots of playtime in the yard. If you are concerned about pests and diseases, you will be glad to know that Bermuda grass is reasonably resistant to these issues. While this grass is attractive to white grubs, it has a good overall fortitude against insects and diseases.