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If you are thinking of giving your yard’s landscape an overhaul, or just want to add more interest to your lawn, gravel, flagstone, and boulders in Sunnyvale should not be overlooked. There are countless ways to spruce up your landscaping with stone.


Gravel is a versatile medium that can be used to landscape your entire yard, to create paths through the turf, or to separate sitting and dining areas from the rest of your lawn. Gravel is available in a huge range of colors and sizes and can be used to break up an otherwise solid-colored landscape. If you have statues, arches, fountains, or small gardens in your yard, consider bordering them with gravel to make them stand out more. Gravel is ideal for hot, sunny yards that would require a significant amount of water to maintain grass and other greenery.


Flagstone can serve a variety of purposes in your yard. Consider placing winding paths through your lawn or gravel, or clustering the flagstone into circular arrangements to design a patio area among the lush landscape of your garden. Flagstone can also be installed on top of an established patio area to give it more visual appeal and natural features. If you’re considering incorporating water elements into your landscape, you can use flagstone to border ponds or build slopes for waterfalls and fountains.


A few cleverly placed rocks in your yard can transform it from a bland sea of grass or gravel into an interesting landscape with multiple components. Landscaping rocks can make the atmosphere of your yard more realistic and natural. A stream through your lawn bordered with stones and boulders can give the impression of a natural river or wash. Choosing to install a few large boulders into your landscape can provide a striking impression if your landscape style is streamlined and sparse, or a sense of the outdoors when incorporated into areas with shrubs and trees.