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Why Sod Laying is Useful?

Are you considering the advantages of sod installation after feeling envious of your neighbors’ yards last year? If so, then you are not alone and can benefit from knowing that now is a great time to take on this type of project. When temperatures are cooler, sod has a better opportunity to establish itself with a healthy root system. For this reason, spring and early autumn are ideal times for laying sod. Keep the following in mind as you prepare for sod installation in DFW and Sunnyvale, TX.

Before you buy sod, you should consider the growing conditions of your yard and whether you’d prefer a low-maintenance type of grass. Also, sod can be a significant investment, so it’s important to prepare the planting area beforehand. Remove things like rocks and twigs from the soil, ensure that the ground is even and fill in low spots with a quality topsoil, and break up any dirt clods that are larger than a couple of inches in diameter. Finally, try to complete this project on a cool, overcast day to help minimize the stress put on your new sod.