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When it comes to lawn care in Sunnyvale, TX, many homeowners choose to install sod so they can enjoy a beautiful yard of grass in just a short span of time. If you’re planning to buy sod or recently had yours installed, then read on for answers to common lawn care questions about sod.

Should I fertilize my sod?

Most sod is given fertilizer before it is harvested and installed. For this reason, it’s important not to feed your new lawn for about a month or so. If you fertilize your sod too early, this can lead to unattractive yellow patches in the grass. Once the time comes to fertilize your sod, apply a granular fertilizer when the ground is dry and then give your yard a thorough watering.

How much water does my sod need?

Freshly installed sod lacks a root system, so your lawn will require more watering than you might think. As your sod’s roots grow and extend down into the soil, the roots need consistent moisture. In the first week, water your lawn 2 or 3 times per day, giving it enough moisture to soak the soil a few inches deep. Soak the first 1/4” of soil once per day during the second week, then the first ½” of soil every other day during the third week.

When is the right time to mow my sod?

Before you mow your new lawn, it’s critical that you wait until your sod has become somewhat established. Hold off on mowing until the blades reach 3 to 4” in height. When it comes time to mow, do not cut the grass too short and never cut off more than a third of the grass’s height in a single mowing.

Can I walk on my new sod?

When your sod is fresh, it’s important to practice more vigilant lawn care, so avoid walking on your lawn for a week or so. Also, minimize the foot traffic that your new sod receives for about a month. Finally, try to take a different path each time when you must walk on the sod.