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Rocks and boulders provide you with a way to add texture and interest to your property while giving it a natural and authentic appearance. If you are planning to remodel your landscaping with boulders in Sunnyvale, then use this guide to help plan your project.

Designing Your Boulder Layout

If you have decided that you want boulders in your yard, then start the landscaping process by creating a sketch of your property. Outline any elements that will be remaining as they are and then start drawing in any changes that you are planning. Mapping out your landscaping in this way will provide you with an excellent method for planning ahead and determining where you would like the large boulders placed.

Installing Your Boulders Properly

When working with boulders for the first time, it’s common for people to place them in a way that does not appear natural. To make your boulders look like they have been a part of the existing environment for years, dig a hole deep enough to bury anywhere from 1/3 to 1/2 of each rock. By installing them in this way, the boulders will appear more authentic, and they will also gain a sturdy foundation within the ground.

Creating a Seating Arrangement

If you love the natural look of landscaping rocks, then consider using boulders as functional pieces, rather than just as décor. If you already have or plan to install a fire pit somewhere in your landscaping, then you may want to surround it with several large boulders that act as benches. For this purpose, select boulders that are about 3 feet tall and 6 feet long.

Using Your Boulders as Camouflage

Due to their size and the wide range of shapes that they are available in, large boulders provide homeowners with a great way to hide parts of their yard that detract from the look of their landscaping. If you have tree stumps, appliances, utility boxes, or other unattractive features that you would rather not see, then install the boulders in a way that hides them from view.