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Having lush, green grass is an ideal form of landscaping for many homeowners, and sod offers them a way to achieve a beautiful lawn quickly and easily. If your yard recently benefitted from sod installation in Sunnyvale, then use the following tips to help your new grass flourish.

Press the sod against the soil.

Immediately after the sod installation, give the grass a thorough soaking with at least 1 inch of water, if this step wasn’t already performed. As soon as the sod becomes dry enough for you to walk on it without causing any damage, roll the sod to press it down against the soil. By pressing the sod downward, you will give it a better chance of developing a healthy root system by putting the young roots in contact with the soil.

Water the sod consistently and thoroughly.

While giving your grass enough water is important year-round, it should be thought of as critical while your sod is still young and establishing itself in your yard. Your lawn should be constantly moist but never soggy and, for many locations, providing young sod with 1 inch of water every 2 to 3 days works well. After about a week, gently lift the edge of your sod to see if it has rooted into the soil. If it has, then decrease how frequently you water your lawn, but ensure that each irrigation moistens the soil to about 4 to 6 inches deep.

Mow the sod using sharp blades.

Hold off on mowing your new sod until the grass blades grow to about 4 inches in length. When you mow your sod, be sure to use a sharpened mower blade to avoid injuring or damaging the grass, and never cut more than a third of the grass in any single mowing. If you find that your lawn looks too scruffy, gradually decrease the blade height over several sessions while never cutting off more than a third of the length of the blades. Following these tips is a great way to help ensure that your new sod thrives.