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Grass is an important element of a backyard design. Not only does it set the foundation for other decorative features, but it also adds its own aesthetic appeal to the area. Use the following tips to find the best kind of grass for your yard:

Consider Your Climate

It is essential to think about the climate in your area before you decide on the kind of grass to use. If you live in a hot, humid climate, you want to plant grass that can survive in it. Bermuda, St. Augustine, and Zoysia are all great grass options for Mesquite, Texas and thrive in the climate of the area.

Consider the Condition of the Soil

If your soil is full of holes and bare spots, you have to fix it before you can successfully plant grass that will grow in beautifully. If you think it will take too much work to prepare your soil for the planting of the grass, you might want to consider using sod instead so you can just roll it out along the ground. Sod helps you instantly add grass to the area to create an even better aesthetic appeal for your lawn. Planting seeds will help you get a long-term solution, though.

Consider the Grass

Before you can make your final decision, you should compare and contrast a few different kinds of grass so you can get the result that you want. Bermuda grass has a deep green color and it grows in thick. It can also recover fast, which makes it a great option for lawns that see a lot of wear and tear. St. Augustine is a dark green sod that has big leaves to give it the optical illusion of more thickness. It can survive in different kinds of climates and soil. Zoysia grass is extremely resistant and does not require a ton of maintenance to stay in top condition. It can even repel weeds and diseases while thriving in a wide range of climates.