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As winter gives way to spring, plants that have been dormant will begin to reawaken. You can take advantage of the warmer weather to work on your landscaping. Of particular concern for many homeowners is the condition of their lawns. If you have questions regarding lawn maintenance or are interested in sod installation near Mesquite , contact your local turf specialists for guidance or a consultation, and read the tips below.

Assess Your Lawn
Spring is the best time to assess your lawn. Ask yourself some diagnostic questions. Did your lawn survive the winter? Are there bald spots? Have weeds taken over? Can you fix noticeable problems or will you have to re-sod? Once you have gathered enough information, you can proceed with a plan of attack. If your lawn is looking like it is beyond repair, schedule an appointment for a professional sodding.

Plant, Fertilize, and Mow the Grass
If your grass is patchy, it is time to plant some seeds. Address any soil issues you come across before you start. By amending or aerating your soil, you can increase the likelihood that your lawn will be vibrant and lush. After seeding, the next step is fertilizing. Like any living system, lawns need nutrients to thrive. Be sure to follow all the instructions that accompany any of the fertilizers you plan to use. Once your grass is growing, it will need to be mowed to maintain a neat appearance. There is actually an art to mowing—never cut more than a third off of the grass blades. If you mow your grass too short, you may damage the health of the grass and encourage weeds to grow. If weeds become an issue, control them by manually removing them or by using specialized herbicides.

Keep Up with Maintenance
Adopting a maintenance routine is important to keep your landscape looking beautiful for months to come. A little effort will definitely go a long way. Maintenance extends beyond just caring for your grass. You should be mindful of the condition of your lawn-care equipment—keep your tools clean, oiled, and in good working order to help ensure that your lawn will always look its best.