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River rock makes an attractive addition to any landscape. Prized for its versatility and earthy beauty, river rock evokes the spirit of the great outdoors. If you are designing your landscape and hardscape in Mesquite , you’ll be happy to know that river rock comes in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and sizes to fit your needs. This type of stone is often used to replicate riverbeds or dry creeks, to fill flowerbeds, or to create xeriscapes—landscapes or gardens that require little or no irrigation. Here are a few simple tips for using river rock to help get you started on your next project.

Choose the Right Stones 
When shopping for river rock, take the time to assess your landscaping needs and explore all of your river rock options. River rock comes in many colors and sizes. The hues tend to exhibit earthy tones—reds, blues, and tans. The sizes range from pebbles as small as dimes to boulders as big as a medium-sized dog. Choosing the right stone for your landscaping needs will take some careful planning on your part. When in doubt, contact your local stone landscaping professional.

Trench for Installation
Uncontained piles of any type of rock are prone to being disturbed and spread out, which means you will soon have a mess on your hands. To avoid a sloppy looking project, create a trench for your river rock to sit in so that it is neatly contained. Not only will this method ensure a clean and tidy installation, but it will also reduce the amount of time you have to spend maintaining your landscape features.

Use River Rock Strategically 
There are a number of uses for river rock. Knowing how to use these rocks effectively to realize your design goals will ensure eye-popping displays. For example, you can place a few large rocks throughout a space to make a beautiful rock garden. To create a dramatic presentation, use river rock around the base of plants instead of mulch.