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Sod vs Seeds

A rich, lush lawn can drastically improve the look and function of your yard. If you’re planning to update your landscaping with new grass in DFW and Sunnyvale, TX, you may be unsure if you should go with sod or grass seeds. While planting seeds can provide you with a lovely lawn, there are a few added benefits that sod can provide.

One of the biggest advantages that come with the use of sod for your yard is how quickly you can gain a beautiful grass lawn. With the placement of sod on your property, you will benefit from an immediate transformation of your yard, as well as a lack of any patchy or bare spots. Planting seeds, on the other hand, can require weeks to achieve a full and attractive appearance.

Another advantage of sod is that it is guaranteed a healthy start. The composition of the soil it is planted in plays a significant role in the success of grass. When you choose sod, you will have grass that comes along with a healthy bed of nutrient-rich soil.