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Different Types of Mulch for your Yard in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

Mulch can help retain moisture, prevent weed growth, separate lawns from plant beds, and keep plant roots cooler during the summer months. Because of this, many homeowners enjoy the advantages of adding mulch to their landscaping near DFW and Sunnyvale. If you think that your yard could benefit from mulch, it’s important to determine which type will be best suited for your garden.

Cedar Bark

For individuals looking for a much that lasts, cedar bark may be the best choice. This variety of much can take several years to break down, so it requires infrequent replacement. The natural resins present in cedar bark release a pleasant scent, and the pesticide features of this wood may help to keep certain insects from affecting your plants. If you choose to mulch with cedar bark, you may need to fertilize your soil with nitrogen occasionally, as the wood will absorb this nutrient as it decomposes.

Shredded Bark

Shredded bark breaks down slowly and is particularly affordable. For these reasons, it’s one of the most common types of mulch used commercially and residentially. Another benefit of shredded bark mulch is that it can be environmentally friendly because some manufacturers make this type of mulch using byproducts from other industries. Like cedar bark, shredded bark can also pull nitrogen from your soil as it decomposes.

Pine Needle

For properties that feature an abundance of acid-loving plants, such as azaleas, blueberries, and rhododendrons, pine needle mulch may be right for their landscaping. When used continuously, the pine needles may increase the acidity of your soil and make it more favorable for your garden. Pine needle bark breaks down relatively slowly and is an ideal mulch for sloping areas due to its ability to stay in place.

Pine Bark

If your landscaping’s terrain is level, rather than sloping, then pine bark nuggets can be a good choice for your mulch material. This type of mulch is slow to break down and comes in a variety of sizes, with the larger types benefiting from a longer lifespan.