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3 Facts About Laying Sod Every Homeowner Needs to Know

When they want to drastically improve the look of their lawn in a short span of time, many people consider laying sod. Are you thinking about updating your landscaping with sod installation in Lewisville, TX? If so, then continue reading to learn 3 important facts about the process.

1. When to Do It Laying Sod

Getting the most out of installing sod means choosing the right time to begin the project. You can lay sod at any time during the growing season, but you should know that certain times can be more beneficial for setting your new lawn up for success. When it comes to laying sod, the ideal times of year are just before and just after summer. Late summer to early fall is most ideal because the temperature drops but grass continues to grow. Late spring is the second-best time of year for sod installation but can be a preferable time for warm season grasses. When you choose to install your new sod will influence how you will need to care for it, so doing a bit of research and planning the project accordingly will help you get your new yard off to a great start.

2. How the Process Works

While laying sod offers you a convenient way to give your lawn a head start and create a yard of lush, healthy grass, there are some steps that need to be accomplished first. Start by preparing your soil. To do this, add any necessary amendments and nutrients, aerate the soil if it is compacted, remove any rocks, and level the soil to create an even surface. Now, you can lay the sod, staggering the lines to reduce the appearance of seams.

3. How Long Installation Takes

Once the soil is prepared, laying sod can be a quick process. While the length of time needed depends on the area that you are working with, an individual can often lay a few hundred square feet of sod in just an hour or so.

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